Date Generale Proiect

Project title in English:

Digital and Hybrid Control Techniques of the Converters for Controlled Drives.

Project title in Romanian :

Tehnici de Comandă Numerică şi Hibridă a Convertizoarelor pentru Acţionări Reglabile.

Acronym: HYDICO

No. of Participants: 3 University of Craiova, ICMET SA Craiova, CESI Automation Craiova

Project Duration: 30 months

Project Executive Summary:

This project starts from the common knowledge fact that since the basic work in the 1970s, the AC drives became a competitive technology with respect to the traditional one, based on DC drives. The entire technology is by now mature due to several factors among which one can mention the digital solutions in control. One of their basic advantages is the possibility to be applied by completing the already existing digital solutions at the software level only. On the other hand one of their basic component – the converter is a switched device hence an appealing one for the hybrid control.

Digital and/or hybrid control of the converters especially when combined with predictive control is a very new field of the applied and basic research at the world and European level while not yet considered at the national level. Nevertheless it has tested advantages as improved fastness of the torque control dynamics. For these reasons the project consortium incorporating a University research team, an industrial applied research team and a small/medium company team aims to develop and implement predictive hybrid/digital control of the converters in industrial drives up to a functional model that will be tested for future manufacturing and commercial availability.

Scientific knowledge and technological know- how will receive an important added value and the intellectual property and priorities will be protected by patents and scientific publications in mainstream journals. The business success is expected in a larger market share of the consortium company as well as in increased financial returns.

Project Director: Dr. Vladimir Rasvan, Professor at the Department of Automation, Electronics and Mechatronics, University of Craiova.